Ike Davis & Jon Niese on BA’s All-Rookie Team

Ike Davis and Jon Niese were named to the 17-player All-Rookie Team by Baseball America, which describes Davis as having 25- to 30 home run potential, and Niese as having a ‘bright future.’

The comparison this off season is going to be Davis and Prince Fielder, because there will be a debate this winter whether to trade Ike for Prince.  Not that I think this will or can happen.  I’m just saying, inevitably, it will be debated… you can count on it.

There is no question that I’d rather have Davis and Niese, and five or six years of each under team control, and the financial flexibility to sign other needed players, than have Fielder, with two years left on his contract, looking to eventually test free agency and get a $100 million deal.

Davis is far superior in the field than Fielder, he’ll hit five or so less home runs, he’ll have less walks but also less strike outs, and he’ll show a lot more athleticism, youth and give you more money to spend on other positions… not to mention, it will cost additional young talent to get Fielder here in the first place.


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