Howie Kendrick likely to be dealt for pitching this winter

Howie Kendrick 1 polaroidHowie Kendrick is likely to be dealt for pitching this winter, according to Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe.

Last week, the New York Post’s Joel Sherman said there are people with the Mets who prefer to move Daniel Murphy to first base and trade for Kendrick.

Jon Heyman of CBS Sports has also reported that the Angels will want pitching in a deal for Kendrick.

In August, the Angels nearly dealt Kendrick to the Dodgers, according to Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports.

Matthew Cerrone, Lead Writer

9:20 pm: I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: the Mets and Angels are set up to work together. The Mets have desirable young pitching, which the Angels will certainly want; and the Angels have a variety of players at positions the Mets need to solve (first base, middle infield and outfield).

This past summer, I heard the Angels pitched Trumbo to the Mets. Yes, he has some power, but he doesn’t work counts or get on base very much, so I assume Sandy Alderson was only slightly interested. The Angels discussed Kendrick and SS Erick Aybar with several teams last summer, but I am not sure if the Mets were ever part of those discussions.

I do know the Angels had interest in Jon Niese last winter, and I hear they continue to want a front-line, Major League or MLB-ready starting pitcher for whomever they decide to trade, be it Trumbo, Peter Bourjos, Kendrick or Aybar.

Michael Baron, Contributor

11:09 am: The Angels and Mets seem to match up well for a trade. The Mets have arms to deal (in theory, anyway) and are in need of offense, while the Angels have bats and seem willing to deal some of them to get the pitching they need, whether it’s a Kendrick or one of their extra outfielders.

As for Kendrick, he has always been a solid and consistent offensive player, proving to be a steady top-of-the-order presence for the Angels. He’s an older and more expensive version of Daniel Murphy except he’s a right-handed hitter and would likely be a moderate defensive upgrade to Murphy at second base, if the Mets acquired him. With that said, if the Mets acquired Kendrick, I’m not sure how much better he would make them, unless of course they either flipped him or were able to dealt Murphy for an outfielder they seek this winter.

Statistics and information on Howie Kendrick...

Kendrick, 30, hit .297 with a .335 OBP and .775 OPS, 13 home runs and 54 RBI in 513 plate appearances over 122 games this season.

He signed a four-year, $33.5 million extension with the Angels before the 2012 season – he will earn $9.35 million in 2014 and $9.5 million in 2015, after which he can be a free agent.

Kendrick has 12 unidentified teams on a limited no-trade clause this winter. He missed over a month of the 2013 season with a sprained knee.

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