Hisanori Takahashi, Pending, Type B Free Agent

“Hisanori Takahashi ‘s contract has a provision that says he can become a free agent either 10 days after the Mets’ last game, or on Oct. 31, whichever comes later. Since the second date is far more likely, there could be a four-week window in which the Mets will have exclusive negotiating rights.”

~ David Waldstein, New York Times

According to MLB Trade Rumors, Takahashi projects to be a Type B free agent.

This year, teams have until Nov. 23 to offer arbitration to their own free agents.

I have to think the Mets will work to re-sign Takahashi, who can probably expect to get a one-year deal worth around $2 million per season, plus incentivces, which, if the case, means the Mets should absolutely offer him arbitration.

The question is: Does Takahashi see himself a starting pitcher, or as a left-handed reliever, potential closer?  I think he can be an effective starting pitcher, but I still feel he is best suited to pitch in the bullpen, in short stints, making the occasional spot-start if necessary.