Scott Hairston claimed off waivers, unlikely to be moved

Scott Hairston has been claimed off trade waivers, reports Jon Heyman of CBS

Heyman says the Giants were not awarded the claim on Hairston.

Meanwhile, Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports says the claim put in on Hairston was designed to block him from another team and he is unlikely to be traded.

Matthew Cerrone, Lead Writer

I mean, at this point, keeping him can’t be about competing or pennant races or September… so, it must indicate the team’s real interest in trying to attain Hairston for next season in the face of getting back very little in a trade. They obviously feel it’s worth more to them to keep him than let him go. I wonder if this also essentially means they’ll offer him salary arbitration, as well.

Yesterday, Adam Rubin of ESPN New York said both Hairston and Andres Torres were on trade waivers.

The Mets could attempt to work out a trade with the team that put in the claim for Hairston.

If they can’t work out a deal or do not wish to trade Hairston, he can be pulled back from waivers. However, at that point, he cannot be placed on trade waivers again.

Alternatively, the Mets could simply give Hairston to the claiming team.

If Hairston had passed through trade waivers unclaimed, he could’ve been traded to any team.