Heyman predicts Reyes will get 6-yrs, $120 M

In his recent report for SI.com, Jon Heyman predicts that Jose Reyes will eventually sign a six-year, $120 million deal.

According to Heyman, though sources suggest Jose’s offer from Miami is closer to $75 million, “The Marlins are still viewed as the favorite since they seem to have him at the top of their very long list and are clearly trying hard.”

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Matthew Cerrone: The more and more I talk about this with people close to the situation, the more it sounds to me like if Reyes ends up signing a deal for five years or less, it is most likely going to be with the Mets – and if he ends up signing a deal for six years or more, it is most likely going to be with someone else. I realize what Heyman is saying about the deal being for less, however I keep hearing that Miami’s offer is actually more than what is being reported. And so, given that it was an initial offer, I’m guess there are option years and money that are tipping what is being reported. I hear $110 million, someone else writes $75 million, someone else writes $90 million, but it’s probably all of these with the difference being what is or isn’t guaranteed. In either case, more than one person with knowledge of the player side has told me there is a belief that Miami is willing to beat out Sandy Alderson’s price point (no matter what it is).


Here are other key updates about Jose over the last few days:

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