Heyman: Mets willing to eat part of Beltran's salary

Carlos Beltran is due approximately $18 million this season. Due to a contract stipulation, the Mets cannot offer Beltran arbitration at the end of the season, meaning they cannot be compensated in next June’s draft should he sign with another team.

I would think Beltran’s value has certainly increased throughout the season, as he’s shown an ability to not just stay on the field, but also proving he can still produce offensively and play right field proficiently.

Having said that, suppose the Mets decide to try and trade Beltran this summer. That means a new team would have to pay Beltran upwards of $6 million, and as Buster Olney of ESPN points out here, there might not be too many teams willing to pay that much for a summer rental AND trade good prospects in return, even if the Mets pay a portion of the amount owed to Beltran. However, if a good opportunity arises and they can get something of value in return, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if they traded him whether they’re in contention or not. However, if the Mets are going to contend at all this season, they will need Beltran down the stretch.

By the way, Beltran leads the Mets with 60 games played this season, which, considering his status coming into the regular season, is amazing.