Mets interested in Belt & Brown, doubtful they'll get them’s Jon Heyman believes the Mets are interested in Giants 1B prospect Brandon Belt, RHP Zach Wheeler or OF Gary Brown, as well as Phillies OF Dominick Brown.

However, ESPN’s Buster Olney believes it is ‘highly doubtful’ that the Phillies will give up Brown or the Giants will give up Wheeler in a deal for Carlos Beltran.

For what it’s worth, Heyman also feels it is ‘highly doubtful’ the Braves will part with Mike Minor in a deal for Beltran, despite multiple reports mentioning his name in rumors connecting the two teams.

Added to by Matthew Cerrone:

Basically, despite Wheeler and Mike Minor from the Braves being mentioned, I’ve heard from lots of people that Sandy Alderson is most interested in acquiring the best young bat he can find. In the event of Belt, I wonder what that would mean for Ike Davis?

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Here are other updates about Beltran over the last day or so:

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