Heyman: Mets Feel Pedro Feliciano Could Be Worn Out

“Hisanori Takahashi is gone, and one person said there’s a sentiment among some Mets people that Pedro Feliciano is worn out…” writes Jon Heyman of SI.com.

Feliciano has led the league in appearances for three consecutive seasons, with 92 appearances in 2010, and has made at least 78 appearances in each of the last four seasons.

Like I said this past weekend, retaining Feliciano is a real tough call, given the mileage which has been put on his arm over the past few years. He could be fresher if he was better utilized, meaning specifically against left handed hitters and limiting his exposure to right handed hitters, but who knows, given how much both Willie Randolph and Jerry Manuel have used him since 2006.

He earned $2.9 million in 2010, and I’d bet he’d accept arbitration should the Mets offer it to him, which means he will likely command close to $4 million for 2011, and for a guy who is going to be 35 next season and could be “worn out”, the Mets might be better suited going out to the open market to find a replacement.

Feliciano has held left handed hitters to a .214 batting average in his career, but right handed hitters have hit .284 against him.