Heyman: Feliciano close to 2-yr deal with Yankees

Well, good for Perpetual Pedro, since this is the deal he had been seeking all along, and is more or less why the Mets only offered arbitration and did not re-sign him.

I wrote this in late November, and still feel the same way today:

He’s letting more runners on base, he’s pitched a ton of innings over the last few seasons, he’s walking more and striking out less, and he showed he’s not very effective against right-handed batters last season, at least to the extent that he should be used as anything more than a situational lefty. So, is it wise to sign a 35-year-old situational lefty, with a lot of mileage on his arm, to a two-year, $8 million deal? I don’t know that it is… the Mets might be better suited going out to the open market to find a replacement.”

Because he is a Type-B free agent, the Mets will receive a compensatory draft pick between the first and second round on next year’s draft, once he signs a new deal.