Gee to Mets fans: Ya gotta believe, right?

Image (1) Dillon-Gee-polaroid7.jpg for post 139960Yesterday, Dillon Gee was asked by WFAN what he’d say to a Mets fan who has doubts about this team’s chances to be successful in 2013.

“Ya gotta believe, right? Isn’t that what you say to a Mets fan,” Gee said. “I understand where people are coming from, I guess. But, we have a great bunch of guys. … It’s baseball. You can’t predict it. Ya gotta believe.”

Gee says he expects to throw 40 to 50 pitches in his next start and he’s very much on target to be full strength by Opening Day.

“This team has a lot to look forward to,” he said, when asked about Zack Wheeler and Travis d’Arnaud. However, he added, “We’re excited about this year too.”

Matthew Cerrone, Lead Writer

Gee is easy to forget, but that’s what I like. Healthy, he can deliver quality starts and end up with a 4.00 ERA, but he’ll be better on the hill than his basic stats will indicate. He wasn’t on a top prospect list, he won’t make the All-Star team and he’s not going to win a Cy Young, yet I still respect and appreciate his role on the team. Also, he lets me slip in to this blog the occasional 90s rap reference from time to time, which never seems to get old to me…

To listen to Gee’s seven-minute interview with WFAN, click here.