Suggested #Mets links for Friday September 28

In the New York Times, Joseph Berger says farewell to Keith Hernandez’s mustache, which will forever be linked to the Mets.

R.A. Dickey had to overcome an unworthy baseball team to make it to 20 victories, an appropriate epitaph to his season in the sun, Ian O’Conner says on ESPN New York.

Dickey gave us something to feel good about Thursday, Ernie Palladino writes to

Lastly, it was all just another unique chapter in the exceptional story of an uncommon man, Flip Bondy writes in the Daily News.

Vinny Cartiglia

Vinny Cartiglia: This season has been exhausting. Some fans have even described 2012 to me as the toughest year in the last five. I can’t say I disagree.  But, on Thursday afternoon – for at least one day – all of that could be forgotten and fans could walk with their heads held high.

I believe Palladino nailed it when he writes, “Dickey is just a real good guy. That whole journeyman vibe he has going on, and the way he accepts and handles it just emits those “good-for-you” emotions. … He’ll never reach the Hall of Fame like Tom Seaver, but what a heart-warming accomplishment for a humble and nice old guy.”  I totally agree.  I think I speak for most fans when I say, thank you R.A. Dickey, for embodying everything we love to root for in a player.  Every fifth day – in an otherwise miserable season – we could always count on you.