Know Your Enemy pres. by Pepsi Max: Braves Edition

Here, MetsBlog’s Vinny Cartiglia talks with Carlos Collazo of to get a sense of how Braves fans feel about their team heading into the series with the Mets this weekend:

 Vinny CartigliaHow did the Braves fans feel about the club’s moves — or lack there of — at the trade deadline?

Carlos Collazo: A lot of Braves fans really wanted to see a top of the rotation starting pitcher, but that just couldn’t happen given who was available and what the Angels gave up for him. However the main needs were still fixed at the deadline with the additions of Paul Maholm and Reed Johnson, at a pretty good cost, so most of us are happy with what we got.

Vinny Cartiglia: I imagine Braves fans are loving what they have seen from Ben Sheets thus far?

Carlos Collazo: Absolutely. Ben sheets is arguably the best pitcher in our rotation right now, and it has been a great pick up for Frank Wren and the team. Who would have thought that Sheets would come back two years removed from the game and put up these numbers? Definitely not me.

Vinny Cartiglia: With 50 or so games left to play, what is the fan sentiment surrounding the club?

Carlos Collazo: There are a lot of confident Braves fans running around out there, and there should be. Atlanta is playing their best baseball right now and everyone is looking forward to the Nationals shutting down Stephen Strasburg. The offense is still doing great, the bullpen is starting to resemble last year’s, and the starting rotation has picked it up as well. We are confident in a playoff appearance this year.

Here,’s Ted Berg chats with Ben Duronio of to preview the Mets’ three-game series with the Atlanta Braves.