Quick Q&A with Braves blogger on final series with Mets

Vinny Cartiglia: As a Mets fan I have mixed emotions when it comes to Larry Jones.  I respect his body of work, yet I despise him. As a Braves fan, I imagine it has to be hard for you to see his career come to an end.  Can you explain to us Mets fans what the future hall of famer has meant to the fans in Atlanta?

Carlos Callazo, Tomahawk Talk: Chipper has been the rock to this team for years and years and years. Back in the 90’s and early into the 2000’s when the Braves were dominating the NL East Chipper was the man. A few years after that when the team started to slide a little bit Chipper was still there. Now, at the ripe old age of 40, Chipper Jones is still here. He might not be in the 3 spot every night in the lineup, and he might get a couple more days off –and let’s face it a lot more time on the DL– but he is still arguably the best hitter on the team when he’s playing, in obviously the team leader. Chipper Jones has been one of the best players in the game his entire career, and when he isn’t here next year… people are going to miss him. All of us but you Mets fans, and that’s probably how he would like it.