Frank Francisco advised Jenrry Mejia to remain in PSL versus working his way back to pitching

Jenrry Mejia 3 polaroidFrank Francisco advised Jenrry Mejia to remain in Port St. Lucie to collect his Major League disabled list money during the rehab process, rather than work his way through his rehab and go back to the minor leagues, organizational sources told Andy Martino of the Daily News.

“It impressed the Mets when Mejia opted to tune out Francisco,” Martino added.

Francisco reportedly recently received two cortisone shots in his elbow and could be cleared to resume throwing this week. He has not pitched in the Major Leagues this season.

Michael Baron, Contributor

That’s horrible, but good for Mejia for recognizing this negative influence, looking the other way and going about his business professionally to get himself on track.

Perhaps Francisco should follow in the Mejia’s footsteps and actually work for his salary, rather than sit around an empty minor league complex watching his career go down the drain and hurting his big league teammates in the process…

Sources: Martino, Daily News; Rubin, ESPN New York