Francesa's comments about Wilpon story

“It’s funny, you’ll hear people annoyed, but this is the kind of stuff that people have demanded of Fred for a long time. They say, ‘Why doesn’t he make the Mets accountable, like George Steinbrenner,’ who has called players a toad, said they ‘spit the bit,’ he called Dave Winfield ‘Mr. May.’ Steinbrenner had many, many players in his sights through the years and every one loved it, but that was George. It’s not Fred. Fred has this nice, patriarch, grandfatherly, nice-guy image. Two things you’ve heard from Mets fans that really are the knock on Fred are 1) that he doesn’t care about winning – and here you saw a little different side of that – and 2) he has too much love for the Brooklyn Dodgers, and for that I think his guilty. … So, while I think this does stir up a commotion, it is headline worthy, but I think when you take it apart I don’t think there’s a whole lot there to get worried about.”

~ Mike Francesa, opening his show today on WFAN

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