Wilmer Flores barely playing, missing audition at 2B

Wilmer Flores 1 polaroidWilmer Flores will start at third base tonight, not second base, Terry Collins said Monday.

3:50 p.m.: Flores is not in the starting lineup.

Flores has been struggling with an ankle injury. He has played in just three games this September.

“It would have been nice to see him at second base,” Collins said, according to the Star-Ledger. “Certainly, we’ve got to be careful because that’s a position where agility is really necessary and if he’s not really moving that good because of the ankle it’s not the right place for him.”

In either case, even if Flores was healthy, Collins said it would be difficult to take Daniel Murphy out of the lineup, since Murphy is hitting .442 since Aug. 28.

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Andrew Wharton, Contributor

Flores’s recent struggles (one hit in his last 28 plate appearances) can probably be attributed to a combination of his injury and the rookie learning curve. It does seem very apparent that he’s just not very comfortable right now, and he’s not the most athletic guy to begin with.

In an ideal situation, this would be a great chance to audition for second base, but he’s missing out. Quite frankly, I think the proper move would be to sit him. He’s not doing himself or the team any favors by playing hurt because his injury is clearly affecting his performance to the point where he’s become an automatic out. Moreover, whatever value Murphy can build between now and the end of the season only helps the Mets, so ride the hot bat and let his stock rise.