Bowden: David Wright’s future with the Mets “hardly guaranteed”

In a post to his blog for ESPN, Jim Bowden says the Mets have “shown the same cavalier attitude” they had in their contract negotiations with David Wright as they did in their negotiations with Jose Reyes last winter.

Bowden says, “Wright’s long-term future in New York is hardly guaranteed,” and notes Sandy Alderson’s willingness to let go or deal notable stars with the A’s and Padres.

However, Bowden still believes the Mets and Wright will eventually agree to a contract extension of seven years and around $18 million per season.

But if the Mets and Wright cannot agree to an extension, Bowden believes the Red Sox, Angels, Diamondbacks, Royals and Rangers could all matchup as trade partners for Alderson this winter.

Michael Baron, Contributor

I suppose I agree with Bowden in that Wright isn’t guaranteed to be a Met for the rest of his career. He isn’t signed beyond 2012, and there’s always the possibility the two sides won’t come to terms on a new deal. But I wouldn’t expect this negotiation to go quickly, either. It’s a big deal with a lot of questions in between for both parties. But, like I said yesterday, it doesn’t matter if it had gotten done in October, or the two sides need more time, as long as they get it done. I admit I’ll be totally at ease only when Wright is standing at the podium in the Caesars Club talking about his future with the organization with his Met hat and jersey on. But I do remain confident this will get done and soon.