Fans can vote on a re-scheduled date for Banner Day at Citi Field

Last week, ESPN released it’s Sunday Night Baseball schedule, which includes the Mets and Braves for Sunday, May 26.

May 26 is Banner Day at Citi Field, but the scheduled start time of the game has been moved to 8:05 pm.

The Mets announced on Twitter they are holding a vote to re-schedule Banner Day at Citi Field. The choices are to keep the original date, Saturday, May 11 against the Pirates at 1:10 pm, or Saturday, June 8 against the Marlins at 1:10 pm.

Michael Baron, Contributor

This wasn’t the Mets’ fault, but I think it’s great they’ve decided not only to consider changing the date of the event, but to allow the fans to choose the date by engaging them through Social Media. I worry holding it on a Sunday Night can have a negative impact on it’s future. Hopefully the date gets changed; it will be better for those who want to participate and those who wish to attend the event.

To cast your vote, check out