eMailbag: Did Mets have finger on pulse of fans?

In case you missed it, according to multiple reports, the Mets have hired Terry Collins to be their next manager.

Steve J: Once again, the Mets don’t have their finger on the pulse of their fans … Collins (stinks). This franchise (stinks).

Matthew Cerrone: The front office had their finger on the pulse of the fans, believe me, they were well aware that 54 percent of 10,000 fans on voted for Backman, I know this for fact, they just went in the direction they felt was best for the team, which is exactly what they should have done.

Collins would not have been my first choice, but I’m not the GM, and I’m not building the roster. I have no idea what Sandy Alderson has in store for the future, so how is it fair to question his choice to lead a roster I have not even seen. The Mets are not in the business of pleasing our short-term, off-season hopes and dreams – in fact, it’s that type of thinking that got them in to this mess in the first place. Instead, they’re in the business of winning, on the field, and if Alderson believes Collins is the right person to do that, so be it. I’ll still watch and root for the team every step of the way, because, in the end, I want the Mets to win more than I want my preferred choice for manager to be validated. I mean, if the Mets win a ring, I’ll forget all about Wally Backman, Bob Melvin and Chip Hale. Sorry, Wally, but it’s true.

Again, I look to the negative reaction from Red Sox fans when Terry Francona was hired, which was similar to how Yankees fans treated Joe Torre when he was hired, which was similar to how Giants fans reacted to Tom Coughlin when he was hired, all of whom disagreed with their team’s choice, then celebrated these men when they won Championships. I am concerned about hiring Collins, too, but the reality is, just like with Francona, Torre and Coughlin, neither you nor I, and not even Sandy, know for certain how this will turn out until we all see the team take the field.