eMail: This Lineup Looks Familair

Here is an e-mail I got from JR, a long-time reader of MetsBlog:


…it’s not just that, it’s so many other moves that we were all yelling for, that initially didn’t happen, but now are happening and the team is winning, like Chris Carter on the roster, not Mike Jacobs… no Gary Matthews Jr… removing Oliver Perez from the rotation… promoting ike… not hitting Jose Reyes third… etc… i’m not saying we know best, but i think it’s important that people understand that just because we’re fans, and just because we don’t travel with the team or work behind the scenes, it doesn’t make us wrong… sometimes, like this season, we’re a whole lot of bowl of right

in fact, sometimes i think not caring like we do, and not being ‘in the bubble,’ actually gives us a good perspective