Email Q&A: Negotiating with Jose Reyes


Kevin S: Why is it assumed that by Fred Wilpon saying Jose Reyes won’t get a 7-year, $142 mil contract that he’s saying the Mets won’t try to resign him to a more reasonable contract? To me, it just seems that Wilpon feels that no GM will be willing to give Reyes that much money, which I agree with. We always complain when the Mets bid against themselves. Then, when they stand up against that, we get on them for being cheap or driving a player out of town.

Matthew Cerrone: I don’t know. I have been thinking the exact-same thing. The reality is, I bet most teams (even with Reyes playing so well right now) would agree that Jose will sign for less than Carl Crawford. Like I have said before, most people I have talked to around the game believe Jose could end up signing a five-year deal, maybe with an option, worth around $15 million a season. The Mets will remove enough money from this year’s payroll to be able to afford Reyes. That is not the question. The questions are: A) Does Reyes factor in to the team Sandy Alderson is trying to build, B) Will how he values Reyes, and how Reyes values himself, match up, and C) How does spending on Reyes impact other needs? I don’t have these answers, and neither does the New York media, who make a living talking emphatically about other people’s motives and money. I recall people insisting the Wilpons were too cheap to cut Oliver Perez and Luis Castillo. Yet, they did. I’m not naive enough to think the team’s financial and legal issues can’t impact Reyes. I am sure they can. But, until I see it happen, I refuse to assume anything.