Don't Trade Reyes booted from Citi Field

According to the team, they repeatedly told Meenan he could keep the sign up so long as covered up the plug for the website. However, he kept the website visible. They say he was removed due to a ‘lack of cooperation.’ In addition, they say there were other fans with signs, sporting a similar message, but without the promotion of a website, all of whom remained in the ballpark.

Original Post at 10:12 am:

Darren Meenan from called in to WFAN this morning to say he was ejected from last night’s game by the team because his ‘Don’t Trade Reyes’ sign mentioned his website.

According to Meenan, the team showed no issue with his sign on Friday night, when he and other fans gathered on the Shea Bridge to chant, ‘Don’t Trade Reyes,’ which you watch here.

Meenan writes this on his website’s blog this morning:

“I was told by a security guard that I can’t hold up the sign when the game is in play. I agreed. That makes complete sense. After he got a hit I put up the sign again and a supervisor then came down to tell me that I can’t have the sign up because it has a website address on it. Ok… again, makes complete sense. I am getting free advertisement LIVE on national television. Makes sense. I decided to leave the section on my own and walk back to my original spot. I agreed that I wouldn’t show the sign anymore. They didn’t kick me out right off the bat. I folded up my sign and while walking out (while fans booed of course.. they wanted me there) and people around asked how to contact me, I gave out about 10 business cards and that is what set off security even more. That is now soliciting I guess. The guard asked to see my ticket. I did in fact have one for that section. He then confiscated the ticket and asked me to leave on my own or leave in cuffs. I asked on what charge and he said, ‘Now you are trespassing, you don’t have a ticket.’ Real classy. I’ve never been kicked out of any stadium before. At first I was pissed but in the end… it was worth it. Thanks guys! Media frenzy!”

I’ve been there, Darren. I understand.

In 2005, I had a similar experience, after handing out free t-shirts along with business cards about the blog at Shea Stadium and in the parking lot… at least you got some serious publicity out of it, buddy.

By the way, I still think there is very, very little chance the Mets trade Reyes, despite certain people in media who are hellbent on getting us all riled up about it.

Nevertheless, keep chanting, Darren.

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