Bronson Arroyo

Do the Mets have interest in Bronson Arroyo?

Free-agent starting pitcher Bronson Arroyo has said he is open to signing with the Mets, who may or may not have interest in him, according to opposing reports.

8:47 am: The Mets are not super high on Arroyo, and a meeting may never take place, according to a team official (Rubin).

8:40 am: The Mets are interested in meeting with Arroyo, but they have yet to set up a meeting with him or his agent (Cafardo).

Matthew Cerrone, Lead Writer

I bet this is another situation where the Mets have interest… but only to a point. Arroyo will accept a three-year deal. I’m sure the Mets, and most teams, would prefer it be a one- or two-year agreement. So, if he’s pushing himself as a three-year player, maybe Sandy Alderson isn’t ‘super high on him.’ However, at two years, or one, maybe he is…

Dec. 1: Seven teams have contacted Arroyo, but none of them have made a contract offer, yet (Cafardo).

Nov. 30: Sandy Alderson expects to soon meet with Arroyo, who is expected to ask for a three-year deal (Rubin).

Nov. 30: The Mets and Twins are aggressively pursuing Arroyo, although the two sides aren’t close to a deal (Cotillo).

Nov. 19: “I’m open to everybody, and I think New York is great,” Arroyo told WFAN. “I’ve been an East Coast guy my whole life.”

Nov. 1: Arroyo said he would definitely consider signing with the Mets (Martin).