Distraction, Entertainment and List of Places to Help

Matthew Cerrone , Lead Writer

Last week was crazy. However, while I have my family and home back in order after Hurricane Sandy, sadly, this is not the case for so many of our friends in the tri-state area.

Sports is entertainment. It’s fun, or at least it’s supposed to be. We like to pretend that it’s as significant as life or death, but – when compared to matters of actual life and death, and our family’s health and safety – we quickly realize sports is simply a distraction.

That said, while I understand there is pain and suffering going on in our community, I’d like to think part of my responsibility on this blog is to give people a place to be distracted, especially at a time like this. Again, sports is fun and it’s something to talk about, debate and connect to. However, I totally understand if – because of what is going on in your life and others – sports and hot stove rumors must take a back seat. Of course, if it is your thing, or if you’re simply looking for an escape, I hope what we do here can help in a small way.

To see a list of places you can donate, be involved and help people recover from the hurricane, check out this link to WNYC.org.

To get a more moment-by-moment, specific list of people and places in need, follow Anthony DeRosa on Twitter, where he is doing an amazing job directing and connecting help.