If R.A. Dickey is signed to an extension, ‘almost definitely’ won’t be traded

A team source told Mike Puma of the New York Post that if the Mets extend R.A. Dickey’s contract, he will ‘almost definitely’ not be traded this winter.

Nov. 27, 10:15 am: R.A. Dickey told reporters this morning he is surprised by how slow contract negotiations are going with the Mets. He would not say if talks are going in the right direction because they are not far enough along in the process.

Dickey said the Mets have made a formal offer and he has countered, but he has not heard back from the team as of yet.

If a new extension is not signed by the Winter Meetings, which start next week, Dickey said he intended to personally sit in on negotiations.

He also said again that he will not negotiate during the season.

Dickey does not want to test free agency a year from now. Instead, he says he wants security from the Mets going forward.

Matthew Cerrone, Lead Writer

10:15 am: I’m obviously confused about R.A.’s demands. I originally heard from sources that Dickey would be seeking at least three guaranteed years on top of 2013, with maybe a fourth-year option. However, the Daily News and others have reported that he’s willing to accept just two years beyond 2013. So, I can’t tell what’s what. But, I do know the team is being rather reserved with how they’re promoting him and utilizing him this winter, and I’ve heard that’s not an accident. I suspect they’re keeping plans for Dickey close to the vest as they continue to balance exploring the trade market for him and signing him to a reasonable extension.

Previous updates and information on R.A. Dickey...

Contract: The Mets exercised their $5 million option for Dickey for 2013. He can become a free agent after next season.

Stats: Dickey went 20-6 with a 2.73 ERA, having allowed 192 hits and 54 walks with 230 strikeouts in 233 2/3 innings. He became the first Met to win 20 games since Frank Viola in 1990, and won the 2012 National League Cy Young Award.

Nov. 21, 2012: The Mets still prefer to sign Dickey, but are listening to trade offers for him, writes Jayson Stark of ESPN.

Nov. 17, 2012: The Mets have offered a two-year contract extension to R.A. Dickey, reports Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports.

Nov. 8, 2012: Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports said the Mets are not showing much interest in signing a new deal with Dickey, and instead are discussing him with possible trade partners.

Nov. 8, 2012: CBSSports.com’s Jon Heyman believes the Mets are seeking both a catcher and an outfielder in talks for Dickey.

Nov. 8, 2012: The New York Post’s Joel Sherman says the Mets are beginning to gauge Dickey’s value on the trade market at the GM Meetings and will weigh their findings against keeping him through 2013 and not signing him to an extension. The Mets remain conflicted as to how to deal with Dickey’s contract situation, Sherman concludes.