Curtis Granderson

Dec. 6: Latest on Curtis Granderson…

The Mets continue to negotiate with free-agent OF Curtis Granderson, who is seeking four years and $60 million, while the Mets are offering three years and roughly $45 million, according to the following reports…

5:30 am: Granderson is seeking four years, $60 million, while the Mets offered three years, roughly $45 million; there’s no evidence another team has made an offer (Puma).

5:25 am: The Red Sox are seeking a right-handed hitting outfielder (Lauber); and they are not interested in giving Granderson a four-year deal (Edes).

Matthew Cerrone, Lead Writer

It seems Granderson has no real market, based on reports. The Red Sox, D-Backs, White Sox and Cubs seem to have interest, but not at his asking price. So, he may be waiting to see what happens with Robinson Cano. If Cano re-signs with the Yankees, the Mariners could become more interested in spending on Granderson. If Cano goes to the Mariners, maybe Granderson’s people can re-open talks with the Yankees, or at least use them as leverage. In the meantime, it reads like no other team is offering a three-year deal, let alone four, so why should the Mets? So, we wait…

Dec. 5: The Cubs and White Sox have not shown a recent interest in Granderson (Rogers); there is no evidence the White Sox or Mariners are pursuing him (Heyman).

Dec. 5: Granderson is seeking a four-year, $64 million contract (Carig).

Dec. 5: Granderson’s negotiations are most advanced with the Mets, though other teams continue to check in (Rosenthal).

Dec. 5: Granderson’s friend would be shocked if he signed with the Mets (Davidoff).

Dec. 4: Mets, White Sox and Mariners are most interested in Granderson (Puma).

Dec. 4: Granderson could be seeking $17 million per season (Heyman).

Dec. 4: Granderson is looking to find another four-year offer, otherwise he will likely sign with the Mets (Cerrone).

Dec. 4: The Mets and Granderson are engaged in negotiations (Carig).

Dec. 4: Talks intensified Tuesday between the Mets and Granderson, who are discussing a three-year deal, though Mets may need to guarantee a fourth year to get the deal done (Rubin).

Dec. 3: Alderson met with Granderson this past Sunday (Rosenthal).

Dec. 2: MLB insiders predict Granderson will end up on either the Mets, White Sox, Astros or Mariners (Cerrone).

Nov. 13: Despite the public statement, a Mets insider severely downplayed the likelihood of signing Granderson (Rubin).


Man, was I wrong on Cano not heading to the great Northwest.