David Wright will not shut it down, heading to PSL

David Wright 1 polaroid

David Wright talked to the media this morning, after which he planned to leave for Port St. Lucie, the team announced. Wright has been on the disabled list since early August with a strained hamstring.

“It’s pretty much against everything I believe in to shut it down,” Wright said about the possibility of not playing the rest of this season.

Wright will start tracking pitches and swinging in PSL, before playing as a designated hitter in minor league games next week.

“It’s a process and one thing David realizes is he’s not going to take a chance to have this become chronic, where every year we’ve got to police it,” Collins said. “So, he’s going to do it the right way and, when that time comes, he’ll be back here. Is it going to be seven days, 10 days, 14 days? I have no idea. He’s the only one who can determine that.”