David Wright is the Strikeout King

Last night, David Wright set a team record for strikeouts in a season with 157, passing Dave Kingman and Tommie Agee.

Wright later told reporters that, despite the strikeout record, Howard Johnson knows his swing better than any one and he will continue to ‘lean on him’ next year, regardless of whether Johnson is fired this off season.

I try not to blame the hitting coach, because I think it’s too easy of an out.  For instance, how does Johnson get blame for Wright, but no credit for Angel Pagan?  People praised Johnson in April when Francoeur was batting .284, but then blamed him when Francoeur fell apart a few weeks later.  It’s all too inconsistent to me.

The thing is, what I do know is that Wright is striking out more and walking less:

It’s impossible to say definitively that HoJo’s guidance and Wright’s strikeouts are connected.  I mean, Wright demonstrated some of the best pitch selection of his career during late 2007, immediately after Johnson was hired.  However, since, Wright has done nothing but get worse.  So, at the very least, I hope these two men are aware of what’s up, because, as good as Wright is, he can clearly be better.