David Wright departs for the WBC today

David Wright 1 polaroidDavid Wright will leave for the World Baseball Classic today, and rendezvous with Team USA in Arizona on Monday.

In four Grapefruit League games before leaving camp, Wright went 4-for-12 with an RBI, two strikeouts, and a run scored.

Team USA begins play on March 8 against Team Mexico at Chase Field in Phoenix.

In the 2009 WBC, Wright hit .281 with five RBI in 32 at-bats for Team USA. He went on to hit .307 with ten home runs and 72 RBI in 618 plate appearances during the regular season that year.

Michael Baron, Contributor

Wright is genuinely very excited and proud to be playing for Team USA in this tournament. He’s also in it to win it all, and not just represent the United States in the tournament. He is disappointed he will miss time with his new teammates in camp, but this tournament is important to him, and I respect that.

Personally, I love the WBC. I love the spirit of both the fans and the players throughout the tournament. I get into it every time it’s played, and watch it from start to finish. I just wish it was played after the World Series in November. The pitchers are in better game shape, and if a player gets injured, there is time for him to recover before Spring Training, for all of the countries involved.

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