Dave Duncan wants a multi-year contract

Cardinals manager Tony LaRussa told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch that pitching coach Dave Duncan is looking for  a multi-year deal.

According to the report, La Russa expects his coaching staff to be finalized ‘in a matter of days.’

Earlier this week, Duncan said this to the Post-Dispatch:

“The ideal situation would not be to coach in St. Louis for one more year then find another place for two more years,” Duncan said. “The ideal situation would be to coach three years in the same place.”

The word in baseball is that Duncan is ‘dissatisfied with the Cardinals,’ not just because of how they treated his son, Chris Duncan, but also in how they have ‘valued his opinion.’  Basically, Duncan wants more of a say in the organization’s overall pitching philosophy, from top to bottom, kind of like Nolan Ryan is bringing to Texas, or what Leo Mazzone once had in Atlanta.

In talking to people in St. Louis, it sounds to me like Duncan is likely to return to the Cardinals, so long as they give him more money, a long-term commitment and more say in how the franchise prepares its pitchers before they get to the big leagues.

That said, despite Dan Warthen’s strong relationships with Mike Pelfrey and Jon Niese, if a deal between the Cardinals and Duncan can’t be worked out, the Mets next GM will have to seriously consider meeting Duncan’s demands.  His track record and respect around the game cannot be ignored by a team like the Mets, who’s future, thanks to Citi Field, will have to always be built on home-grown pitching.