Daisuke Matsuzaka is in Red Sox plans

“A Red Sox source said that the Daisuke Matsuzaka is ‘very much’ in the team’s plans for 2011, and that there is no planned effort to shed the pitcher.”

~ Alex Speier, Sox reporter for WEEI

I have to admit, though I have never heard it mentioned or reported, I’ve often wondered, assuming the Mets feel the need to trade Carlos Beltran, could the two sides have connected on a deal involving Matsuzaka?

I don’t want to see Beltran traded.  I’m just thinking, if he has to go, either because it’s part of a larger plan, or because he wants out, who knows, if it has to happen, where could he fit in?  Boston seems to make sense: the money is close, the Mets need a starter, they bid heavily on Dice-K when he was a free agent coming to America, the Sox reportedly have interest in an outfielder with more power, and so it seems to make sense in structure.