D-Backs Hire Kevin Towers to be GM

According to to Tim Brown of Yahoo Sports, the D-Backs have hired Kevin Towers to be their next GM, signing him to a guaranteed two-year deal.

I never actually heard anyone with the Mets mention Towers to me, and so, that, plus him never having an interview in Citi Field, and since Omar Minaya is still on staff, I assume Towers didn’t want the Mets, and the Mets didn’t want Towers.  This is disappointing, but might not fit in with what Ownership has in mind, I guess.

Yesterday, while citing ‘people who have been briefed on the Mets’ internal discussions,’ Andy Martino of the Daily News said the Mets are looking for an executive with ‘toughness,’ who can stand up to players and media; someone with a balance between traditional scouting and newer statistical analysis; and, lastly, someone who does not need to be groomed.

Martino later he said he believes the Mets will likely hire another high-ranking executive, “and that person will help to determine Minaya’s future.”

This would be either just Option A from my list of possible outcomes, or Option A, with B to follow at a later date, both of which went:

  • Minaya stays on as GM, serving out the final year of his contract.  However, someone else, ‘an experienced baseball man,’ with a different view than Minaya, gets installed above him to offer differing opinions and communicate with Ownership, sort of a President of Baseball Operations type.
  • Minaya is reassigned to a ‘talent-evaluator, consultant-type role,’ and a totally new GM will be hired.

I’m still holding out hope the Mets look to duplicate the dynamic that has been successful in Boston, the Bronx and Tampa Bay, i.e., an older, experienced baseball executive, like a Gene Michael or Gerry Hunsicker, paired with a younger, business-savvy GM, like a Brian Cashman or an Andrew Friedman.