Collins to use R.A. Dickey on short rest

Prior to yesterday’s 2-1 win over the Giants Terry Collins told reporters he intends to use R.A. Dickey on short rest in the near future.

“It’s going to happen,”Collins explained. “I think there’s going to be a time when we are going to try it. When that is, I don’t know yet.”

However, Sandy Alderson told reporters yesterday there is a level of concern about how using Dickey on short rest might affect the pitching staff, and Dickey both this season and next season.

“We’ve got to take into account what effect that would have not just this year on R.A. and on the rest of the pitching staff, but also what effect that would have on R.A. going into next year. So that’s very much just in the discussion stage at this point,” Alderson said.

Dickey is 14-2 with a 2.83 ERA in 146 1/3 innings over 22 starts this season.

Michael Baron, Contributor

I disagree with doing this. This throws off the routines of the four other starters, and routines and habits are important for pitchers to maintain throughout their work week. Why mess with a good thing? As I said, pitchers are creatures of habits, and Dickey’s continuous routine probably plays into what makes him and his knuckleball so effective. Case in point was when Collins adjusted the rotation to give Santana extra rest after the no-hitter, and everyone seemed to struggle with that adjustment.

The only way I could see this serving as a benefit is that it could afford both Chris Young and Johan Santana extra rest. It would also increase the likelihood Dickey reaches 20 wins this season. But the costs could certainly outweigh the benefits of this move for everyone involved. 

Matthew Cerrone, Lead Writer

I hear what Mike is saying, but I’m mostly OK with this. My one concern is overexposing RA and his repertoire. These teams all play one another so much in the division, that I worry they will learn and adjust to Dickey quicker if they see him more often. Of course, I could be totally imaging that. It might not even work that way. Hopefully he is so good, and so unique, and he’s such a wild card between traditional starting pitchers being faced, that no matter how often a hitter sees him it will not matter. Nevertheless, it’s a concern.