Murphy at 1B, Valdespin at 2B vs. RHP; Murphy at 2B, Satin at 1B vs. LHP

During the next week, when the Mets are facing a right-handed starting pitcher, Daniel Murphy will start at first base and Jordany Valdespin will bat leadoff and start at second, Terry Collins told reporters today at Citi Field.

He said second base is Valdespin’s natural position, and the team is interested in seeing how he handles it on a regular basis at the big-league level.

In the event the team faces a left-handed starting pitcher, expect Murphy to return to second with Josh Satin likely getting the start at first, Collins added.

Matthew Cerrone, Lead Writer

The more I think about it, the more I realize how ridiculous it is to think Murphy’s ability to play second base will be impacted by moving to first base. ┬áHe’s a serious professional, and he’ll be fine, especially since this is what the team is in need of right now. He knows it isn’t permanent. In fact, I’m hearing from people at Citi Field that they expect Ike Davis to be back within the next two weeks.

So, if that happens, and Ike is right, order will be restored and Murphy’s value may actually have gone up. There are still teams in baseball that value him in a 500-at bat, super-utility, Mark DeRosa-type role, and I think the Mets are one of them…