Entire coaching staff to return in 2013

Terry Collins said his entire coaching staff will return for the 2013 season, according to the team’s beat reporters on Twitter.

Matthew Cerrone, Lead Writer

Given the team’s collective collapse at the plate in the second half, I though Hudgens would be more of a discussion… However, from what I can gather, the team isn’t disappointed in Hudgens, who has been working hard to carry out a system-wide philosophy of taking pitches and drawing more walks. Instead, the Mets blame a rotation of talent moving in and out of the lineup and executing poorly (or, at the very least,¬†inconsistently). My concern with this (which also happened last year) is that opposing teams start to exploit this approach. They throw first-pitch strikes, the Mets take them, fall behind in the count, get defensive and end up (at best) slapping singles. This killed them in the second half. I’m all for driving up the opposing team’s starting pitcher’s pitch count, I’m all for walks and getting more guys on base, but a) to have that pay off, the Mets need to do more than just choke up and hit singles, and 2) if it isn’t working, they have to adjust back…

In regards to Warthen, the bottom line is this: The pitching staff loves Dan Warthen. They say he works with their strengths and communicates in-game adjustments well, and that is all most big-league pitchers are looking for. That said, most Mets fans I hear from seem to think Warthen should be fired, though they never really give me a good reason.¬†He is a weird case, though. He repeatedly makes negative comments to the media; his staff walks WAY too many batters, which he admits is a problem year after year; I’ve heard management has been frustrated with many of his public statements; he’s had reported arguments with players; and he calls pitches that are repeatedly second guessed by fans and media. That said,¬†since he’s been here, the starting pitchers have mostly exceeded expectations (considering the overall talent) and he has done a good job working with guys coming back from injury.

This season, the Mets have the 8th best ERA for a starting staff in the National League. His starting staff ranked 10th last season, 6th in 2010 and 12th in 2009.