Collins will look to prevent 2nd half struggles next season

According to WFUV’s Amit Badlani, the first thing Terry Collins’ will address next season is finding a way to prevent the team from struggling so badly in the second half.

While regretting the quality of play since the All-Star Break, one thing Collins reiterated was that it wasn’t due to a lack of effort.

The Mets entered the All-Star Break with a 46-40 record – they are 20-41 since and have lost 22 of their last 26 home games since the break.

Michael Baron, Contributor

Here’s one idea: Get better players. It’s really as simple as that. As Matt has said over and over again, there are only so many miracles the Mets can pull out of their hat with two outs before their luck runs out. All year their lineup has been too unbalanced, their depth has been way too thin, and there is very little power and speed anywhere on the roster. I do think there are good signs with the pitching staff (including the bullpen with their recent performances) – Sandy Alderson just needs to infuse the rest of the roster with better players. Last month, Sandy himself said it was necessary to do this, and so I’m hopeful he is able to address a lot of those said needs in that manner.