CNBC: Cohen wants 49% of Mets for $200M, ASAP

Earlier today, Kate Kelly issued the following report on air for CNBC:

Stevie Cohen has offered to buy a 49 percent stake for about $200 million dollars, which is the cash that the Wilpons and Katz were hoping to raise. But, he does want some board seats in the Mets organization and he wants some significant say over how they do what they do. However, voting control within MLB would remain with the Wilpons, which is something that they have been insistent upon all along, as well as not wanting to sell a majority stake, which gives you sort of the 49 percent number. So, I’m told that talks are at a little bit of a stalemate right now. Cohen is demanding sort of stiffer terms than the organization was originally prepared to offer, but they are not dead. They are still happening and the goal is to get this thing done ASAP.”

Earlier this week, the New York Post and New York Times both reported that Cohen was the front-runner to buy in to the team’s Ownership.

However, this morning,’s Jon Heyman said Cohen doesn’t have the current high bid, though he is still interested in buying in to the team.