Chat with Bobby Ojeda, pres. by Verizon

We took questions for Bobby Ojeda — live from the SNY Studios — pres. by Verizon, starting in the third inning of Wednesday’s day game. Here’s what fans asked and what Bobby had to say…


Chris: In your professional opinion, why has the Tommy John injury become such an epidemic, what are pitcher less durable than the past, and what should be done to prevent these injuries?

Bobby: I think overuse of young kids… I think six-year-olds having pitching coaches… I think sports-specific attitudes of parents… I think the rubber bands they all use to stretch… I think they’re all contributing to the epidemic of arm injuries.

Quite simply, do not force the kid to play year-round baseball and to throw year-round. It’s too much. It’s obvious. An adult needs time to recover, how about a little arm, that’s growing? It’s so obvious, it’s ridiculous.

Gary: Bobby O! Can you logically explain why Terry won’t give Flores a chance? Tejada is batting .103 in last 50 abs yet Terry keeps saying he has been playing very well. We know what we have in Tejada (.230 avg at best) why not see what we have in flores?

Bobby: He feels that Tejada has earned it. The reasoning for bringing Flores up was to backup Tejada after he got hit. It wasn’t as though Tejada played himself out of the lineup.

Jaime: Will the Mets trade Bartolo Colon before the trade deadline and if not what will they do with him?

Bobby: I think there’s a possibility. All options are on the table right now for this club. If they can get something that fits their lineup — they need contact bats, in my opinion. They need more .250-.270 hitters. You don’t necessarily need the Tulowitzkis, but too many guys on this ballclub are hitting .230 or less. There’s a big different between guys hitting .230 and guys hitting .270. If you can get immediate help in that range, I think you have to do it.

Marjorie: Why are the Mets still hanging on the Chris Young? They did that with Ike and waste of time.

Bobby: I think they’re still holding on to the hope that he will find his swing. It is getting a little late, with just 55 games left. There’s still time, but it is running out.

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When is a batting coach going to convince the Mes batters they don't have to swing for the fences on every pitch? Especially Tejada. Situational hitting does not seem to be part of  the Mets playbook.