Mets giving artwork to Chipper

To read a recap of Chipper’s quotes from his talk with reporters today at Citi Field, check out this post on ESPN New York.

Sept. 7, 5:09 pm:The Mets will give this Fazzino artwork of Shea Stadium to Chipper Jones during this final trip to Queens this weekend, according to the team’s Twitter account:

Matthew Cerrone, Lead Writer

Wow. I’m more sick to my stomach than I expected to be. Hey, everyone, let’s give gifts and praise to the man who stuck thorns in our sides for nearly two decades? Ugh. I’m all for respect, and I respect his work. I do. I wish him well in love and life and hope the best for him and his family going forward. I appreciate him relishing in being our villan. But, there is no way I’d pony up even a penny on a gift for Chipper. I hate every second of this. Every second.