David Wright demands confidence, says Cowgill

Collin Cowgill 2 polaroidColin Cowgill talked with SiriusXM’s MLB Network Radio today and said:

“We can’t get caught up in what other people say about us. We’re a confident group. David Wright demands that, he demands that confidence. … We don’t quite believe in what other people say. We know what we’re capable of and as long as the guys in this clubhouse know what we can do we can accomplish anything. That’s how it was Oakland (last year), we believed, we were confident, we had a little bit of swagger and we went out and played hard. That’s how we have to approach it this year. We don’t need to prove them wrong, we just have to play our game.”

Cowgill says he has bonded most with Daniel Murphy, as the two spend lots of time talking about hitting, approach and discipline at the plate.