Carlos Beltran considering playing Winter Ball

“”Right now I am forming a group of people, trainers, masseuses to do my rehabilitation… If I think it is necessary and I think I have to to be in a better position to spring training, I’ll do.”

~ Carlos Beltran, on possibly playing winter ball

The Beltran Situation is going to be VERY interesting to watch this off season, as I can’t tell if he wants to return to the Mets, if he’d rather be elsewhere, if the Mets want him back, or if they’d rather he be elsewhere… and if he is, who replaces his bat?  If not, is he willing to play right field?  What is his value given concerns over his knee?  Does he need to play winter ball to make him more prepared and more valuable?  In other words, lots of questions and lots of room for drama, as usual.