Carlos Beltran and the Red Sox Rumors

According to Adam Rubin of ESPN New York, Scott Boras told reporters today that Carlos Beltran expects to remain with the Mets.

Updated at 12:10 pm:

This morning, Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe said teams have been contacting the Red Sox about Daisuke Matsuzaka, but  – as WEEI pointed out – Boston has shown ‘no desire to move him.’

From what I can gather, the Mets are talking to teams about Carlos Beltran, but will only trade him if it helps free up money that can be used this off season – and that type of deal has yet to reveal itself.

Otherwise, I think they’d prefer to keep a productive Beltran, who could help them win early or be traded in July.

And so, I don’t see a Beltran-for-Matsuzaka swap, since this would add money to Sandy Alderdson’s payroll for 2010 and 2011.

Instead, I could see the Mets eventually sending Beltran to Boston for SS Marco Scutaro, which would get the Mets a second baseman and free up around $5 million for them now. Plus, the Sox could then replace Scutaro with Jed Lowrie.

However, from what I’ve been told, if the Sox do trade Scutaro, it will be for help in the bullpen, after which they could sign Magglio Ordonez or trade for Josh Willingham to put in the outfield, which is a far more likely scenario than first dealing for Beltran.

Updated at 10:26 am:

According to an NL executive, to trade Beltran, the Mets would need to pay roughly half of his $18.5 million salary, Jon Heyman of said on Twitter.

The thing is, roughly $5 million of that $18.5 million is due to Beltran in deferred payments after next season.  From what I can gather, the team might be willing to pay the deferred money, either now or later, meaning an interested team is technically on the hook for only $13.5 million next season.

Yesterday, Sandy Alderson told reporters he would consider eating part of any player’s salary if it helped to make the team better, basically saying, ‘I’ve done it before, and I’ll do it again if I have to.’

Original Post at 8:52 am:

According to a person involved in the discussion, ‘there is nothing close’ between the Mets and Red Sox regarding Carlos Beltran, Joel Sherman of the New York Post just said on Twitter.

Original Post at 8:33 am:

Last night, Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe said the Mets and Red Sox met earlier in the night to discuss OF Carlos Beltran.

This morning in the Boston Globe, Cafardo returns to write:

“The Sox like the right side of Beltran’s switch-hitting bat and feel he could play left field … If the Mets can eat a little more than half of his salary and don’t ask for too much in return, it’s a deal that could get done.”

Yesterday, Peter Gammons said on the MLB Network that the Sox have been looking for an outfielder and ‘continue to talk to the Mets about Beltran.

Gammons said he feels the Mets would like to move Beltran and roughly $10 million to help free up money that can be used this off season to acquire pitching.

Nevertheless, according to David Lennon in Newsday, “One Mets official characterized a potential trade as a longshot in the early hours Wednesday morning.