Buzz: Zambrano Expects to Stay with Cubs

In a report in today’s Chicago Tribune, Carlos Zambrano tells Paul Sullivan that he expects to stay with the Cubs.

Zambrano told Sullivan, who has a full no-trade clause:

“Like Arnold Schwarzenegger said, ‘I’ll be back’…Believe it. All new episodes next year.”

to me, this is the type of player the Mets should try to acquire… he did have a down year, but he’s a proven ace with the Cubs and would be a great fit at the top of the rotation… he also brings a unique personality that the team is lacking…his desire to win could rub off on players even though he has a volatile personality…

Added to, by Matthew Cerrone, 1:20 pm:

...i’m still torn on z… i think he’s good enough to be the second-best pitcher on the Mets… it’s just, he’s an absolute loose cannon… to me, that’s a good thing, and a bad thing… i mean, it would not surprise me to see take a swing at someone on his team, and quickly turn this place in to the Bronx Zoo… at the same time, he’d be entertaining, and his passion to win could be infectious ugh, i don’t know