Buzz: Your Morning Santana, Twins in Action

The Mets, Red Sox and Yankees all confirm that during the last two days the Twins have stepped up their effort to trade Johan Santana, writes Joel Sherman in the New York Post.

According to Sherman, it has come down to a battle between the Mets and Red Sox.

Of course, in a post to his blog for the Boston Herald today, Sox columnist Michael Silverman writes…

“By all accounts, the Red Sox will not shed any tears if the Mets get Santana and the Sox can keep their young talent, maintain payroll and avoid seeing Santana in pinstripes.”

Meanwhile, the O’s appeared quite close to trading Erik Bedard to the Mariners, but may have changed their mind.

For more, go to MLB Trade Rumors, who has been doing an outstanding job, as usual, following the negotiations step by step.

In the Daily News, Bill Madden and Anthony McCarron explain how the Bedard deal might make it harder for the Mets to pry Santana from Minnesota.

…i understand, but the O’s should get more for bedard than the Twins will get for santana, the same way the A’s should have and did get more for Dan Haren…i mean, bedard is under contract for two more seasons, while santana is such after one – plus he has a no trade and can essentially dictate when and where he goes

According to Madden and McCarron, several baseball officials believe the Mets will get Santana, “But they might have to ‘flood the deal’ with players to satisfy the Twins in the wake of the likely Bedard trade.”

first off, they’ll pay what they have to pay…and, again, if santana forces the issue, the Twins will take what they can get…second, and more importantly, Madden and McCarron’s sounds like it’d be a great steak house

Nevertheless, Sherman quotes an official from one team involved as saying, “The Mets are legitimately in this.  It would be a mistake to minimize their chances.”

Lastly, a Sox official tells the Boston Globe that he would not be surprised if the Twins end up making a deal this week.

Last night on SNY’s Mets Hot Stove Report, host Kevin Burkhardt talked about the Santana Situation with Adam Rubin of the Daily News and Ed Coleman from WFAN.

To watch the discussion, go to


No surprise here.  She wants at least one year as a starter somewhere and knew it wouldn't happen at Uconn.  This eliminates any suspense as to who takes Bria Hartley's place.  Good luck Saniya!

Jaden Comeaux
Jaden Comeaux

@norm11 No so fast my friend. I think there's a lot of suspense. Geno's got 4 blue chip guards coming in this summer, and a healthy Morgan tuck returning. I'm not so sure Saniya has a lock on the starting SG position. If you remember, she like Banks, had a hard time getting on the floor during the NCAA tournament. The bench stopped at Kiah Stokes. They tried to start her when KML went down with the elbow injury. The rhythm and flow of the offense was not to Geno's liking when she was in there. She had a difficult time meshing with the other starters. That's why Banks also got a few starts as well. I could be wrong, but I think the starting SG spot is up for grabs. The only thing Chong has on the incoming group of freshmen is a year's worth of experience. Remember, Bria Hartley started as a freshman...and played pretty well. Maybe one of the incoming freshmen will rise to the occasion. Remember, these are exceptional players coming in. Most were the best players on their high school team. If none of them pans out, Geno can always start 3 forwards; Tuck, Stewie and KML. Jefferson of course will be the PG, and I'm assuming Stokes will be starting at center. It will be interesting to see how this scenario plays out. Like me, I'm sure you'll be watching to see who starts that first exhibition game at SG in November.  Go Huskies.

Jaden Comeaux
Jaden Comeaux

I'm sorry to hear we're losing Brianna Banks. Hope you find another great program to finish out your college career. Best of luck to you. We're glad to have had you for the time we did.