Buzz: Willis Offered to Mets, with Pudge

Speaking with WFAN, beat reporter Sweeny Murti said…

“Omar Minaya said he inquired about Dontrelle Willis, but the Marlins were not going to deal him within the division. 

“However, the Tigers have explored the idea of spinning him off, and they have contacted the Mets.  There wasn’t an official offer presented to Omar, but what was talked about, from what I was told, they talked about spinning off Willis.  In addition, though, the Mets would have to take on some salary.  The Tigers are interested, perhaps, in moving Willis and Ivan Rodriguez and dumping his salary, which is $13 million next season.  So, if the Mets wanted Willis from Detroit, they’d have to take on that salary.  The thing is, he has a no trade clause, so to get him to waive it you’d probably have to give him another year.”

…if you recall, the talk early in the off-season had been that omar was hoping pudge hit the open market, instead of getting his option picked up by the Tigers, because he would have been the team’s first choice to replace Paul Lo Duca…instead, though, the option was picked up, and Plan B through Z were pursued

To listen to Murti’s entire interview, go to



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