Buzz: Tigers Could Be Interested in David Wright

In a report for the Detroit News, Lynn Henning writes:

“…David Wright looks as if he will be available and the Tigers almost certainly will be among those clubs inquiring. The New York Mets third baseman is only 28 and has the bat, as well as the glove, to make third base an All-Star position in Detroit.”

I think it’s way too early to determine who might be available and who isn’t, and considering Wright is under contract through 2012, I’d bet the Mets would have to be floored by an offer from the Tigers or anyone inquiring in order to move him.

It’s hard to envision this team without Wright, despite his streakiness at the plate over the past few years. I am concerned with not just the possibility of both Wright and Jose Reyes being moved, but with how the organization intends to replace their talent and presence going forward, should they decide that is the best course of action for the organization. At the end, I don’t think Wright will be hitting .244 and I doubt he’ll strikeout 175 or more times, as I am confident he will have a typical season by his standards. Personally, I can see myself, as a fan, becoming incredibly deflated by their departures, and I could find myself questioning the direction of the franchise, and those prospects bother me a great deal.

On the flip side, looking at the team as a whole over the last three years, the results speak for themselves, so no player can be considered untouchable. However, I would hope that statistical standards are not the only things being assigned to any player when it comes to deciding whether to move someone or not, and in the case of Reyes last night in particular, it’s clear these players have the ability to control the game in their own unique fashion, and those intangibles have to be hard to ignore. While there are certainly business reasons to move them, I think there are also a lot of reasons to build around them, and give them the supporting cast they need not just to sustain their current production, but to help them increase their production and build a winning philosophy once again.