Buzz: These are Your Pre-Camp 2010 Mets

In a post to Twitter,’s Buster Olney says, “The expectations within the Mets Front Office is that the team is finished spending money for now.”

In other words, as Olney explains, “These are your pre-camp 2010 Mets.”

…despite what some fans want to think, technically, the Mets do not owe any one an explanation of how and why certain moves did or did not happen this off season…

…however, i hope Ownership knows that, because they were unwilling or unable to make significant changes to the roster, there are lots and lots of fans who are going to feel they are unwilling to unable to go out to Citi Field or watch SNY, at least until the team can give them reason to do so

…personally, i will be watching from day one, because i genuinely believe in and enjoy watching Jose Reyes, David Wright, Johan Santana and the rest of the players on the team, and i want to see these guys redeem themselves and win… also, i don’t blame the players for the lack of off-season improvements, obviously, and so i will happily support them every pitch, of every inning, all season… however, the Front Office needs to think real, real hard about what life might be like beyond this current group of talent, because Mets fans are not confidence in the direction of this organization, and that is putting it lightly

…and so, though they technically don’t owe Mets fans an explanation, it might be wise for the team to speak up and give us an idea of what took place and why certain decisions were made, so to at least focus the criticism, while putting period at the end of the off season and turning the page to a more hopeful time of year, Spring Training, when the focus turns to the best part of the team, the players on the field…