Buzz: The Magnificent Seven in the Bullpen

Yesterday, here, Adam Rubin, whose employment with starts Friday, told MetsBlog that Sean Green and Bobby Parnell both are expected to open the season at Triple-A Buffalo.

so, this must mean they’re thinking the bullpen will look like: Francisco Rodriguez, Pedro Feliciano, Fernando Nieve, Hisanori Takahashi, Nelson Figueroa and Ryota Igarashi…

…the final spot must be a toss up between Kiko Calero and Jenrry Mejia… from what i understand, calero would be kept back in extended spring training, in the event mejia makes the roster… he does not have an opt out if he is sent to Triple-A… but, the team could say calero isn’t ready, as he works to get his shoulder in shape… but, i hope they just take him, and sent mejia back to the minors to continue his development as a starting pitcher… i believe Omar Minaya would prefer to do the same, but he must be weighing his options… 

…i like the bullpen with calero… i think it has the potential to be special… it could also be a huge disaster, since it’s mostly long-relief, spot-starters

In a mailbag for, Marty Noble says the Mets will likely wait until the last minute to outright Pat Misch, “in hopes that other clubs won’t have room for him either.”

This way, as Noble explains, “hey can store him at Triple-A until a need develops.”