Buzz: The Ben Sheets Audition

Ed Price of AOL FanHouse says Mets physical rehabilitation specialist Chris Correnti was on hand to watch free-agent RHP Ben Sheets pitch today.

According to Price, one scout guessed the Mets, Cubs and Rangers would be the leaders to sign Sheets, followed by the A’s and others.

The scout told Prince Sheets threw ‘very well,’ and, ‘He threw easy.’

Original Post at 2:27 pm:

Sheets pitched in front of roughly 20 scouts earlier today in Louisiana.

the Mets have a representative in attendance, from what i’ve been told

According to Trenni Kusnierek, from the MLB Network, Sheets topped out at 91 mph, which, as one scout told her, ‘is good for him,’ saying he ‘looked good,’ he had ‘good mechanics,’ and he’s way ahead, in terms of velocity, compared to where he’d be at the start of Spring Training. 

Kusnierek says Sheets threw all fastballs in his first round, during which he looked a bit ‘erratic,’ then, after a ‘quick break,’ he returned to pitching, mixing in curve balls, which, according to Kusnierek, ‘looked pretty good.’

His curve ball was in the mid-60 mph range, according to Kusnierek.