Buzz: Strawberry tells Mets They're Better than This

According to Mike Francesa on WFAN, Strawberry talked to David Wright, Jose Reyes, Jeff Francoeur and Jason Bay, as he tried to ‘pump them up,’ and it was Bay and Francoeur who didn’t take it well.

Francesa said no player asked that Strawberry be banned from the clubhouse, they were just confused, “and felt he came on a little strong.”

“It wasn’t a big deal,” Francesa said. “But, it did happen.”

Updated at 12:35 pm:

Earlier today, Alex Cora was interviewed on WFAN and said he has not heard of any one complaining about Darryl Strawberry being in the clubhouse.

Cora said Strawberry is more than welcome to stop by his locker any time, ‘He’s a winner, and he can come in the clubhouse to talk to me any time.”

Original Post at 9:47 am:

Bob Raismann of the Daily News says at least two prominent players on the Mets complained about Strawberry being in the team’s clubhouse.

According to Raismann, citing ‘Mets moles,’ Strawberry told players they are better than a last-place team, they’re rough to watch, “but you’re better than what you showed.”

i have talked to straw a few times, and he clearly loves this organization and wants them to be dominant again… it’s obvious it irritates him to see them in last place… and, i think you and i would agree…

Nevertheless, Strawberry will not be banished, Raismann said, adding, “He is, and always will be welcomed in the Mets clubhouse.”

…good… it’s not a science, but, the Mets might be wise to acquire players who listen and acknowledge statements like straw’s… not because i think one has anything to do with ‘firing people up,’ ‘grit,’ or any of that ‘stuff,’ but because this is a tough town, we want winners, and straw has a winner’s mentality, and players need to be mentally tough to survive all that comes with playing here… i think this is one of the driving forces behind having Wally Backman in Brooklyn… this is why i like knowing Tim Tueful is in Binghamton… and that Bobby Ojeda, John Franco, Keith Hernandez, Ron Darling and straw are around the team a lot… i have no idea if they make good advisors or coaches, etc., but i do think it’s good to have guys who have been through the fire accessible to players who are currently going through it, and, more importantly, who like the heatbecause, like they say, if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen

Raismann also reports on Tim McCarver’s on-air comments about Jerry Manuel from Saturday night, as well as notes about John Sterling, Johan Santana, Orel Hershiser and Francisco Cervelli.